Black Bear Historical Fencing

HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) school in Morgantown, WV. Studies medieval fencing with a main focus on German longsword.

The techniques used in class are from medieval fighting manuals. The weapons are historically accurate. Most of these techniques come from German fencing masters Johannes Liechtenauer and Joachim Meyer. Techniques include footwork, cuts, thrusts, parries, bind work, grappling with swords, and more. Check us out if you are interested in martial arts, medieval history, swords, or just looking for a new hobby. We have loaner weapons and gear.

Check us out in the Morgantown Magazine: https://morgantownmag.com/get-your-medieval-on/

Anything loaned out will be cleaned at the end of practice.

What is HEMA?

“If you are interested in HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) this is for you! Dylan does a wonderful job teaching the classes and is very knowledgeable. Pick up a new hobby and break a sweat doing it!”

Kirk Menapace

“Great, knowledgeable instructor!! My son and I are thoroughly enjoying the class!”

Sarah Hayes

“Black Bear Historical Fencing….Some of the coolest stuff I’ve done in awhile. Ever since I was little I wanted to learn how to fight with a sword…Truly incredible to experience..”

Harley White